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Creating had always been something that I was so sure I could learn and do, even when I was kid doodling bunch of stickman on the back of my notebook, I’ve always had the urge to create, and even if I’m preoccupied with something that is complete far from art, it’s always in the back of my head screaming at me to come up with something...anything. I started seriously drawing digitally and sharing my art online a year ago, setting up an art account and following amazing artists that inspired me a lot. I remember being absolutely terrified that I would eventually hate what I do and it still baffles me how far I have come, from that kid who tore out ugly pages of a drawing book to someone secure enough to be able to show my work to other people. For the past year, I have worked with people with so many glorious dreams and goals, from a group of people wanting to launch their own indie game to an individual who simply wants an artwork as a gift. All of these people I only had the opportunity to talk to and connect with because of art, the way they made the whole process of creating even more inspiring will always be something I admire.


Product Catalog

I am very much flexible with my art style and willing to experiment along with the client. I have done concept arts for indie games, streaming background, book covers, concept art, portraits and even pet illustrations, so there’s a lot of variety in which art could be used for. My work process usually starts with moodboards and research. Reference photos and descriptions play an important part in creating these images since my works are largely inspired by the visions of the client.